Pacquiao doesn't mind being tagged a 'desperate dog'


Posted at Jan 12 2014 08:10 AM | Updated as of Jan 12 2014 04:10 PM

But calls Floyd something else

MANILA, Philippines – Manny Pacquiao said he didn’t mind being called a “desperate dog” by Floyd Mayweather Jr. who has continued to distance himself from a lucrative mega bout with the Filipino boxing star.

In a report by Philboxing’s Eddie Alinea, Pacquiao said he rather be called a desperate dog chasing for a bone “than a dog running with its tail wrapped between his legs in utter show of fear.”

The fighting congressman is proud to say that he doesn’t run away from fight, unlike his American counterpart, who is known to cherry pick his opponents.

“At least I look for more fights, I don’t run away from them,” said the 35-year-old General Santos native.

Pacquiao said he is always willing to face Mayweather in the ring, but he cited that the latter seems to come up with a gamut of excuses.

Mayweather’s latest demand is for the Filipino boxer to break ties with Top Rank Inc.’s Bob Arum, who has promoted the American boxer in the past.

“He’s been asking for so many conditions which we have expressed intentions to abide by like drug testing, purse split and everything,’ said an exasperated Pacquiao. “Now he wants me to separate myself from my promoter which I cannot possibly do without violating my contract.”

Pacquiao said he prefers to concentrate on his upcoming fight rather than challenge an opponent who refuses to fight.

“He really looks like he does not want to fight me, so, I think there’s nothing we can do about it already,” he said. “Let’s forget about the Mayweather fight for the meantime.”