Sports Unlimited is a 45-minute adventure sports, travel and fitness television show aired Saturday nights on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

It is the first sports show of its kind in the country, combining adventure sports and travel while featuring current sports events, sports features, the latest in health and fitness trends, plus up-close stories on sports personalities and other celebrities.

Sports Unlimited aims to inform Filipinos about what sports are available in the country other than what is normally seen on television like basketball, golf or boxing. The show seeks to promote adventure tourism, sports and healthy living to Filipino viewers. It also strives to honor athletes when they have achieved success in local and international competitions. Ultimately, its message is to encourage a sporty and active lifestyle especially to the youth.


Dyan Castillejo is the face of Philippine sports television news. Growing up playing premiere tennis, she has instilled in her the heart of an athlete. Driven by this same passion for an active lifestyle, she has covered all kinds of sports and sports heroes in TV Patrol and Sports Unlimited, from boxing, football and rugby, to motocross, triathlons and dragonboat races.

Marc Nelson is an avid sports enthusiast and adventure seeker who's game to try any kind of challenge. Aside from gaining popularity as a contestant in The Amazing Race, he's also known for his environmental advocacies, being the WWF Philippines' national ambassador. He's also a travel fanatic, a scuba diver and a certified heartthrob.

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