Aussie blogger denies 'living like a king' in RP


Posted at Apr 12 2008 11:01 PM | Updated as of Apr 13 2008 07:01 AM


A day after Filipino 'blog victim' DJ Montano's first public appearance on ANC's "Korina Today", the Australian blogger who allegedly maligned Montano wasted no time to belie his ex-partner’s allegations.

In his blog,, Brian Gorrell said he had decided to live in the Philippines "because I fell deeply in love with DJ and he was supposed to be deeply in love with me."

Montano said in an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer published Saturday that Gorrell loved Boracay and spent a lot of money in his stay in the Philippines.

Gorrell, however, wrote: "My farm in Australia is PARADISE. I did not have to go to Boracay for that. Trust me. I left Australia for the Philippines because DJ and I were in love. He e-mailed many times a day for six months. Usually about money."

Gorrell added that he had also wanted to take a year off from his farm to relax and learn yoga. Boracay, he said, was affordable to him.

Lived like a King?
The Australian also denied that he "lived like a king" in Boracay, pointing out that his life has always been very simple.

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"I was born in a poor family and was raised lower to middle class. I am very proud of my native heritage. My grandmother is half native Canadian. We are very simple people. I do not apologize for that," he said.

Gorrell said it was Montano who allegedly owed almost a million pesos to resorts and restaurants as a result of an expensive lifestyle.

Montano’s parents also did not escape Gorrell’s rage.

Aside from accusing them of being "corrupt," he maintained that it was not their business "how I lived in Boracay or anywhere else for that matter."

"I am just shattered. I have just watched the entire interview and DJ's print interview. The whole thing is yet another scam from the Montano clan. Just devastated at the lies," he said.

Gorrell also dismissed as mere bluff Montano’s threat that he would file a case in Australia. He also lamented that he would never get back his money from Montano after the Filipino denied he owed Gorrell 70,000 Australian dollars.

The Australian also professed his love for the Philippines, and asssailed Montano for accusing him of being rude to Filipinos. He said no one loves the Philippines more than him, and he has nothing but love and respect for the Filipinos.

He said he would further rebut Montano’s claims in his media interviews.