How our online poll works


Posted at May 15 2009 10:45 PM | Updated as of May 16 2009 07:57 AM

How our online poll works.

1. The poll was constructed as a generic system to deploy all sorts of questions, not just for elections. The same system is running the other concurrent polls in There is no routine to redirect a vote from one question to another.
2. It is not possible to view the results unless a user has already voted. The poll system is anonymous and is not dependent on a user login. It uses the voter's internet service provider public IP address to control the trigger for results and vote form. One vote per IP address.
3. Voting, seeing the results, pressing back and voting again will result in your vote not being counted, unless the servers do not see your IP address. In this case, the vote will be recorded.
4. It is possible you will not be able to vote anymore in cases where you share a computer with other people and they have already voted, or if your computer shares an IP address with other computers, such as in a cafe, or a LAN with an internet proxy server.