Trump unlikely to be impeached: analyst


Posted at May 18 2017 07:10 PM

US President Donald Trump, October 28, 2016. Carlo Allegri,Reuters/File Photo

MANILA- The impeachment complaint against American President Donald Trump is unlikely to prosper since the Republican leader enjoys enough numbers to beat any ouster attempts, an analyst said Monday.

Steve Herman, White House Bureau Chief of ‘Voice of America’ said the present political climate indicates that Trump still has a firm base.

“We’re in a gray area, they’re trying to bring criminal charges against the President of the United States is very difficult,” Herman told ANC.

A Democratic lawmaker, Al Green of Texas has called for the impeachment of Trump on Wednesday, the first member of Congress to officially request for so.

Criticisms against Trump’s firing of then-FBI Director James Comey has raised prospects of a possible impeachment.

Herman said at present, Trump still controls most of the chambers to beat any impeachment vote and enjoys a "secure" position.

“What some Republican congressmen may be banking on it’s to safe to ‘go ahead and let this investigations proceed,’ knowing that as things stand right now, the President has the votes to beat back any sort of impeachment vote and also it would also be a huge question mark in Senate,” he said.