China fears instability if North Korean government falls: analyst


Posted at Mar 20 2017 06:55 PM | Updated as of Mar 21 2017 08:23 AM

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has concluded his first trip to China with an agreement to work together on North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.

Beijing's earlier proposal is for Washington to suspend its military exercises with Western ally South Korea in exchange for Pyongyang halting further nuclear testing.

Rick Dunham, director of the global journalism program at Tsinghua University, weighed in on Tillerson’s trip, saying he thought it was a “strange visit” as the American official told Beijing “exactly what they wanted to hear.”

Despite China's intention to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, Dunham said Beijing fears the collapse of the North Korean government may pose a problem of migration.

“North Korea is dependent on China for its economic existence but, at the same time, China has been frustrated at the unresponsiveness of North Korea to both Chinese request and United Nations resolutions,” he said in an interview on ANC’s “Early Edition.”

“China has a fear of instability if the North Korean government collapses.”

Dunham added that the US and China need to work together in dealing with North Korea instead of trying to get the upper hand on deals.

“The United States and China really have to work together instead of playing games on trying to put pressure on each other to make concessions,” he said.