House Justice Committee to submit report this week


Posted at Oct 11 2016 07:28 PM

House Justice Committee Chairperson Reynaldo Umali saidTuesday the committee plans to submit a report on its Bilibid drug trade probe this week and present it to the plenary the week after.

"We are prepared to do that within the week and we hope to get this approved at the committee level, and then present it to plenary by next week," he said on ANC's Headstart.

The Committee wrapped up its inquiry Monday evening after a 13-hour session, with four 'Bilibid kings' testifying to shed light on the alleged narcotics ring inside the national penitentiary.

Umali said they will not resume the hearings unless Senator Leila de Lima's driver, Ronnie Dayan, is arrested.

President Rodrigo Duterte earlier claimed that Dayan is the former justice secretary's "link" to the convicted drug lords in the Bilibid, whose trade flourished during her term.

Several high-profile inmates have bolstered the allegation in previous House sessions, claiming they gave millions of pesos in drug money to De Lima, Dayan and other prison officials. 

Lawmakers on Monday cited Dayan in contempt and ordered an arrest warrant to be issued against him for failing to appear at the inquiry. 

Umali said it was a condition imposed by Majority Floor Leader Rodolfo FariƱas that they not resume the inquiry sans Dayan.

"We will accommodate that because anything after this is anti-climactic except Ronnie Dayan," he said.