Faeldon could go to jail over Senate snub: Gordon


Posted at Sep 12 2017 11:25 AM

MANILA - Former Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon may be sent to the city jail for refusing to attend the Senate investigation, Senator Richard Gordon said Tuesday.

"If he doesn’t want to show up, then that’s in contempt. That’s the law, and he has to stay there and if he doesn’t do it next week, he will brought either to Pasay or to Muntinlupa," the senator told ANC's Headstart.

"There had been people who were sent to Muntinlupa for 7 years…for not answering," he added.

Faeldon on Monday noon turned himself in at the Senate, after lawmakers cited him in contempt for skipping the hearings on a P6.4-billion drug shipment from China.

The former mutineer has said he will no longer attend congressional inquiries on the drug haul because "several victims have already been maligned, destroyed" by the senators' line of questioning.

Senator Panfilo Lacson last August named Faeldon among the alleged major recipients of bribes at the Bureau of Customs. 

Gordon said Faeldon told him when they met at the Senate on Monday that he wants to go to court instead of attending the hearing and defending himself there.

"Then go to court, but the other way is you must know the law and if you do not know the law, I’m sorry for you. If you stay here, the committee will say 'If he’s reconsitrant, then we’ll send him to Pasay jail, which is not a very pretty jail; or he can stay in Muntinlupa.' That is precedent," he recalled telling the former soldier.

"If he doesn’t show up next week, then he goes to Pasay or another jail," he said.