Teachers seek higher wage under Duterte admin


Posted at Jul 28 2016 08:38 PM

Political candidates have long promised better wages and more benefits for Filipino teachers, but what should the country's mind builders look out for under the Duterte administration?

Even before he was elected, President Rodrigo Duterte promised to increase the wages of teachers and non-teaching staff.

Compared to teachers from other countries, Filipino teachers receive the lowest salary.

South Korean teachers receive from P59,000 to P120,000, while teachers in Malaysia receive between P70,000 to P90,000. Teachers in Japan receive from P94,000 to P235,000.

Filipino teachers, on the other hand, between P19,000 to P22,000.

Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) Representative Antonio Tinio is drafting a bill that would give a P25,000 increase for teachers, and a P16,000 incrase for non-teaching personnel.

Senator Nancy Binay, on the other hand, resubmitted her Public School Teachers Act of 2013, which "seeks to grant public school teachers incentives as means to ease their financial situation and, more importantly, as a form of recognition of their value in the development of our nation."

Aside from providing incentives, the proposed bill also seeks tax exemptions for these incentives.

Senator Bam Aquino, likewise, is planning to submit a bill that aims to support children of public school teachers by giving them free education.

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