Agri dept releases 25,000 fingerlings in North Cotabato river


Posted at Apr 26 2017 10:45 AM

At least 25,000 Tilapia fingerlings were released in rivers and creeks in Banisilan, North Cotabato Tuesday as part of the government's inland fisheries program, agriculture secretary Emmanuel Piñol said Wednesday.

"The 25,000 fingerlings will be part of 100,000 fingerlings which will be seeded in the rivers and creeks of Banisilan," Piñol said in a statement.

In exchange for the fingerlings, the local government of Banisilan agreed to impose a fishing ban on rivers and creeks for at least six months to allow the fish to grow and multiply, Piñol said.

Villages where the river runs through will also pass ordinances against illegal fishing and impose stiffer fines against offenders, he added.

Farming equipment including a tractor and rice and corn harvesters were also given to Banisilan farmer groups in a bid to help locals increase yield and productivity.