WATCH: Gordon loses temper over Sombero's beef


Posted at Feb 16 2017 08:19 PM

MANILA- Senator Richard Gordon on Thursday slammed retired police officer Wally Sombero, who criticized the time limit for answers in a Senate committee inquiry on the alleged bribery-extortion attempt involving Bureau of Immigration officials.

Sombero criticized the short time to answer, saying he cannot give full answers due to the time limit and the numerous questions being asked by senators.

"Gusto niyo ng katotohanan, sinasabi ko po pag-paumanhin ninyo, mabigyan lang kami ng pagkakataon magpaliwanag, makukuha niyo yung sagot," Sombero told Gordon.

"I'm sorry Mr. Chairman, hindi po kami nabibigyan ng pagkakataon makasagot, patong-patong ang tanong, isa lang ang sagot, napuputol pa," he added.

Senator Risa Hotiveros tried to respond but was cut short by Sombero, which irked Gordon.

"You are insulting this committee. We have given you every chance. You've tried to put form over substance and I'm not gonna take that anymore," Gordon said.

Sombero apologized but Gordon still raised his voice and said, "You better say you're sorry properly!"

"There is no attempt to muscle anybody. We have extended the time of every senator here...If you cannot explain, then I'm sorry for you," Gordon said.

Gordon, who chairs the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, said he gave enough leeway to Sombero, even allowing the latter to recite a poem.

"We even allowed you to recite a poem. I did not deride you for that," Gordon said. "Nobody has ever recited a poem during an investigation so be careful with your remarks."