Presidential inaugurations: A celebration of democracy

Rodrigo Roa Duterte took his oath Thursday June 30, as the 16th President of the Philippines in ceremonies marked by simple rites and celebrations.

The inauguration marked a peaceful turnover of power since this country gained freedom and declared its independence from the hands of its colonizers.

Revolutionary leader Emilio Aguinaldo was the acknowledged first president of the Philippine republic, but for the euphoria, if not the confusion, brought upon by the celebration of victory, there were no memorabilia documenting his inauguration after he was elected by the Tejeros convention in 1897.

From Quezon’s induction into office in 1935 as the first president of the Commonwealth to Laurel’s inauguration in 1943 under the Japanese occupation, to Roxas’ presidency in 1946 which formally marked the country’s independence from the US, to Benigno Aquino III’s rise to power in 2010 which was once wielded by his mother in 1986 following the dictator's ouster through a peaceful revolution, the inauguration was all a celebration of democracy.

The pictures, the invitations, the jubilant crowd witnessing each inauguration, we see the people cherishing a hard earned freedom. These memorabilia say it all.


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