Baguio vegetables suffering from cold weather


Posted at Dec 05 2013 07:43 PM | Updated as of Dec 06 2013 03:43 AM

BAGUIO CITY -- Vegetable farmers in Baguio City are preparing for the effects of the cold weather on their crops.

The temperature in Baguio City continues to drop, with the lowest temperature recorded at 13.6 degrees Celsius.

Cold temperature causes frost injury, wherein the soft parts of crops, like leaves and shoots, rot due to the temperature.

Leafy vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, pechay and wombok also tend to grow at a slower pace.

Baguio City and towns in Benguet supply most of the vegetables in Luzon.

Farmers worry that if the temperature continues to decrease, vegetable supply from Baguio City may be affected.

According to Agot Balanoy of the Benguet Farmers Marketing Cooperative, they still have enough supply of vegetables at present.

However, as the temperature continues to drop, they have to implement preventive measures to protect their crops from the weather. -- with reports from Mae Cornes, ABS-CBN News Northern Luzon