Relax, see a movie... at the cemetery

Posted at | Updated as of 11/03/12 12:30 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Want to complete your Halloween experience? Try watching a horror movie while inside a cemetery.

In Bacolod City, the Rolling Hills Memorial Park was  turned into a movie house where families could spend time watching a film near the graves of their loved ones.

“We do remember our dead in a traditional way but it's not like we should feel sad about it forever," said Ma. Cecilia Jocson.

Jocson and her family were among the crowd that sat beside graves as they watched "The Healing" played last night.

Aside from free movies at the cemetery there were even bands that played earlier that night.

For some, it may be described as unusual to see and hear a crowd enjoying the thrill of watching a horror flick near the grave, but it’s the park management’s way of celebrating the annual All Saints’ Day. Nico Delfin, ABS-CBN News