Scuba diver dragged underwater by tuna


Posted at Oct 25 2010 03:29 PM | Updated as of Oct 25 2010 11:29 PM

MANILA, Philippines – A scuba diver was almost killed after a Tuna pulled him underwater while fishing off the coast of Saranggani province over the weekend, the Philippine Coast Guard reported Monday.

Reports reaching the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) headquarters in Manila identified the scuba diver as a certain Ramil Te.

Te was on a fishing expedition in Kiamba town last Saturday when he was dragged underwater by the tuna at a depth of 300 feet, PCG commandant, Admiral Wilfredo Tamayo.

The PCG reports said that the Te was able to surface and was airlifted to Cagayan de Oro by an Air Force helicopter and accompanied by a hyperbaric doctor.

The scuba diver was then brought aboard a PCG search and rescue vessel, BRP San Juan, which is equipped with a recompression chamber, where he will undergo hyperbaric treatment.