Hospital denies baby got burns inside incubator

By Nina Corpus, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 23 2012 02:16 PM | Updated as of Oct 23 2012 10:16 PM

A provincial hospital has started an investigation on the death of a baby who was allegedly burned inside the hospital's incubator.

Dr. Romeo Ong, medical director of the Zamboanga City Medical Center (ZCMC), said he has ordered an investigation as to what happened to the baby who was allegedly burned to death inside the hospital's incubator.

Ong said he spoke to the baby's neonatologist, Dr. Jeffrey Masilungan, who has denied the incident.

"The baby was delivered prematurely, 1.4 kilos lang. As of now what we know is that the baby had culminal sepsis, a very severe type of infection, and also suffered from jaundice," he said.

Ong explained that the effect of culminal sepsis is that the skin will develop blisters. “Parang nasunog nga talaga. It's part of the effect of the infection,” he said.

Ong also said their incubator could not have burned the baby as the temperature is controlled and if something goes wrong it will set off an alarm that will alert the nurses and doctors.

He also added that they do not have enough incubators and that there was reportedly another baby in the incubator with the baby who was allegedly burned.

"Kung dalawa yun, dapat dalawa yung nasunog,” he said.

However, Ong said he is open to possibilities like negligence or equipment failure, which is why he is having the incident investigated.