Baby boy abducted inside hospital, rescued

Posted at | Updated as of 09/26/12 12:12 AM

BACOLOD, Philippines - A newborn baby was again abducted inside a hospital, this time in Bacolod on Friday.

He was lucky, however. The boy was eventually rescued the following day.

The baby boy's father, Napoleon Silva, said the 22-year-old suspect took his newborn child who was sleeping beside his wife Emily inside Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital.

Silva said the female suspect was his former co-employee. He just went outside to look for money for his wife's expenses. He came back to find his baby already gone.

The suspect was arrested the following day and the baby was brought back to his parents. The rescued baby is the couple's eighth child.

The suspect admitted she was desperate to have a baby after she told her live-in partner that she was pregnant and was due to give birth this month.

Bacolod Police assured the public that the incident was an isolated case, and said there is no kidnapping syndicate targetting infants in the city.

A kidnapping charge is being prepared against the suspect, who is now detained at the Bacolod City Police Station 4.