Cocolisap spreads to lanzones, mangosteen

By Czeriza Valencia, The Philippine Star

Posted at Jul 09 2014 02:51 AM | Updated as of Jul 09 2014 10:51 AM

MANILA, Philippines - The Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) will regulate the transport of mangosteen and lanzones fruits from the provinces of Batangas, Cavite, Laguna and Quezon after these crops were found to be infested with scale insects.

Through Special Quarantine Order No. 1 signed on June 11, BPI director Clarito Barron said it has been formally declared that mangosteen and lanzones trees in these provinces have a severe infestation of Aspidiotus spp and Unaspis sp.

Other fruit-bearing plants were also reported to be infested with various species of scale insects. These include banana, avocado, breadfruit, mango, sugarcane, guava, papaya and various palm species. The infestation has so far affected 526,408 fruit-bearing trees.

The movement of fruits and other parts of lanzones and mangosteen trees from the affected provinces would therefore only be allowed after an on-site inspection by a plant quarantine officer designated by the BPI.

Shipments of lanzones and mangosteen from the affected provinces must be accompanied by a Domestic Permit to Transport (DPT), which shall be presented to plant quarantine inspectors manning various checkpoints.

All movement of lanzones and mangosteen without a valid transport permit shall not be allowed and shall either be returned to origin, treated if applicable, or confiscated and disposed of. The owner of the shipment shall shoulder all expenses incurred in the conduct of these procedures.

"Non-compliance by the owner to any of these measures shall constitute a violation, which shall result in the outright confiscation of the commodity,” the order said.

The special quarantine order was issued pursuant to the Plant Quarantine Decree of 1978.

Transporters may apply for a DPT at the regional field offices of the Philippine Coconut Authority or the Municipal Agriculture Office.

Before a DPT is issued from the point of origin, the deputized plant quarantine inspector would inspect the shipment to confirm that these are free from scale insects.

The pre-numbered DPT shall be accomplished in triplicate. The transporter shall submit the original copy at checkpoints.