Heads or tails? Coin toss settles Mindoro race

Posted at | Updated as of 05/16/13 7:19 AM

MANILA – A mayoralty race in a town in Oriental Mindoro had to be settled with a toss coin after two candidates finished tied for first place.

After canvassing all the votes, the tally showed that San Teodoro bets Marvic Feraren and Salvador Py both received 3,236 votes.

"In order to break the tie, napagkasunduan na 5 times ihahagis ang coin, pinakamaraming times na heads ‘yung panalo," said Reny Pagilagan, the town’s acting election officer.

A coin toss is allowed by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to break ties among election results.

After the coin toss, Feraren was declared as winner.

Feraren is the son of the town’s former mayor. -- Report from Cesca Joves, ABS-CBN News