Alleged ASG member's brother denies allegations

By Jewel Reyes, ABS-CBN News Zamboanga

Posted at May 10 2011 03:14 AM | Updated as of May 10 2011 11:14 AM

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines - The brother of an alleged Abu Sayyaf member arrested in Taguig last week has denied allegations that Abdurahim Gustaham Arabani is connected with the terrorist group.

Sulaiman "Sol" Dawabi is an older brother of Arabani, who allegedly goes by the alias Imam Arabani Jakiran.

Jakiran was reportedly part of the Dr. Jose Maria Torres Hospital siege in 2001 and other kidnapping incidents.

Sol, a former overseas Filipino worker, has denied that his brother was in Zamboanga City when the incidents happened.

He said they were surprised to see their brother Abdurahim in the custody of authorities.

He added that there might have been a confusion regarding his brother's family name.

Abdurahim is carrying their other family name which is Arabani, while the rest of his brothers carry the family name Dawabi.

Sol claimed that the surname issue was caused by passport concerns.

He said his brother, who works as a security guard in Taguig, is choosy with friends. He added that they are careful with whom they go with in their community.

He added that Abdurahim finished his education in Zamboanga City and only set foot in the City when their mother died last 2001.

Sol said they want to clear their name.

The Commission on Human Rights in Zamboanga City has already received an instruction to conduct clarificatory investigation on the

Lawyer Frederick Capin said they will talk to the family of Arabani to get information and coordinate with the police.