DOJ wants sacked Bilibid chief to show cause

By Ina Reformina, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Nov 21 2012 03:23 PM | Updated as of Nov 22 2012 04:23 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Sacked New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) Chief Superintendent Ramon Reyes is now being asked by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to explain why he should not be administratively charged for Friday's grenade blast inside the maximum security prison compound that left 6 inmates injured.

In a 2-page memorandum, dated November 21, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima directed Reyes to explain in writing, within 72 hours, why he should not be formally charged for "grave neglect of duties and conduct prejudicial to the service."

Reyes was also asked to explain why prohibited items find their way inside the prison facility, and the stark contrast between the items seized in a raid his team conducted on the inmates following the blast in comparison to the items seized in a raid by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) 3 days later. 

"[Y]ou and your team were only able to present old, improvised weapons and equally old and cheap phones, which were a sharp contrast to the yield of prohibited items in another surprise raid conducted only 3 days later..." the memorandum read.

In a report, items seized from the following inmates include:

Hans Anton Tan

-2 Nokia N8 cellular phones
- 2 Nokia E7 cellular phones
- 1 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0
- 1 HTC cellular phone
- 1 GE cellular phone
- 1 Apple Ipad 64 gb
- 2 Apple Iphone 4s cellular phones
- 1 Nokia C7 cellular phone
- 1 Nokia 1208 cellular phone
- 2 units Iphone 4s battery enhancer
- 8 pieces Apple Iphone battery chargers
- 5 pieces Jabra earphone battery charges
- 3 pieces Nokia battery charges
- 1 piece HTC battery charger
- 1 piece LAN cable
- 1 piece Samsung Galaxy battery charger
- 1 piece improvised deadly weapon
- 1 piece headset
- 1 unit Mobile Intercom
- 1 piece Wi-tribe USB broadband
- 1 piece Globe USB broadband
- 1 piece USB
- 1 piece HP USB
-  3 pieces Micro SD cards
- 2 TM SIM cards (unused)
- 1 Globe SIM card (used)
- assorted cables

Zheng Wu aka "Kevin"

- 1 bottle Johnnie Walker Blue Label half-filled
- 1 unit Tenda wi-fi router
- 1 unit Wi-Tribe broadband
- 1 piece LAN cable
- 4 assorted chargers
- 1 aluminum foil strip with traces of suspected illegal drugs

Wu Tuan Yuan aka "Peter Co"

- 1 unit mobile signal booster/repeater
- 6 pieces Tsing Tao beer
- 1 pack scientific grade marine salt
- 1 pack rock salt
- 4 pieces light bulb sockets with bulbs
- 1 unit CCTv camera
- 1 pack 14mm electrical wire
- 1 unit split type air-conditioner
- 3 pocket notebooks with numerical annotations
- 1 Steno notebook with numerical annotations
- 2 pieces lighters
- 10 pieces of aluminum foil strip with traces of suspected illegal drugs
- 3 pieces improvised tooters
- 1 piece improvised water pipe
- 2 pieces pin for improvised burners
- 1 piece improvised burner
- assorted cellular phone chargers

Jaybee Nino Sebastian

- 1 set mobile signal booster accessory
- 1 bottle Johnnie Walker Black Label
- 1 bottle Royal Salute
- 1 piece cellular phone charger
- P55,620 in different denominations

The above-named inmates will be subjected to drug testing at the NBP Hospital.

'Dismayed and angry'

"I am dismayed and angry at the state of affairs in the maximum security compound. How could the raiders during the first raid (Nov. 16) not see those contrabands? Judging from the sharp contrast in yield of prohibited items in 2 surprise raids which are only a few days apart, one can only suspect of a systemic culture of corruption pervading in the compound.

"We must act with dispatch to send a message across that we mean business. Part of my instructions to the new OIC is to constantly conduct raids, this time, no-nonsense raids, to fish out any and all types of contrabands, such as drugs, liquor, cellphones and other communication equipment, firearms and other deadly weapons, and to impose disciplinary sanctions on inmates found in possession thereof, as well as BuCor/NBP personnel in cahoots in inmates," de Lima said, in a statement.

Show-cause orders were also issued to the Chief Overseer and Commander of the Guards of the NBP.

The grenade blast is being investigated by the NBI and the Muntinlupa Police.