Makati not promiscuous, says spokesman


Posted at Oct 20 2012 11:53 AM | Updated as of Oct 21 2012 07:59 PM

MANILA, Philippines - The spokesman of the country's premier commercial and financial district dismissed the findings of an online survey which ranked Makati City as the 3rd most promiscuous in Asia.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Makati City spokesman Joey Salgado said the survey by should not be taken seriously since it's a network that promotes dating between "sugar daddies" and women.

“It’s difficult to treat seriously the results of a survey conducted online by a service which admits to being a sugar-daddy dating network, allegedly linking wealthy men with women," Salgado said.

“There is no way to verify if the answers given by the respondents are true, considering that the agenda of those who use this online dating service is to attract partners. There is an incentive to exaggerate or even give false answers,” he added.

Salgado said that the respondents of the survey, " in all likelihood...would claim to live in Makati since it is the country’s financial center and premiere city."

“Definitely, a Makati address would bolster the attractiveness factor, since the city is known for upscale living,” he said.

Salgado said the survey results are put in "serious doubt" by the findings of a study by the Department of Health which excludes Makati as among the 6 Philippine cities "most at risk for human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS)."

Bangkok most promiscuous; KL is least recently conducted a survey of 10,000 of its male members.

The survey showed that an average of 76% of men throughout Asia have four or more sexual partners a year, it added.

Topping the list of Asia’s “most promiscuous” cities, according to the report, is Bangkok in Thailand, with 83% of men saying they have more than five sexual partners every year.

Makati is the third most promiscuous city in Asia, with 77% of men saying that they have more then five sexual partners annually, a survey said.

Coming in second place is Osaka, Japan with 80%, while Hyderabad in India ranked fourth with 76%.

At fifth place is Saigon, Vietnam (72%), followed by Seoul, South Korea (65%), Shanghai, China (58%), Saint Petersburg, Russia (57%), Singapore (53%) and Beijing China (49%).

The “least promiscuous” city, meanwhile, is Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, followed by Hong Kong, China and Kyoto, Japan.

“Asia is known for efficiency and discipline. There is a common misconception in the West that Asian men are not as promiscuous as Americans,” Brandon Wade, chief executive officer and founder of, said in a statement, as quoted by Inquirer.

“It’s simply not true. Because of the fast-paced lifestyle in these cities, men are always looking to relieve stress. In a city where the market is constantly changing, so goes the dating pool,” he added. describes itself as “the largest dating website for those seeking mutually beneficial arrangements – i.e. a relationship between a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy, and a Sugar Baby.”

“We are committed to being the most trusted dating resource for the rich and the beautiful,” it said on its website.