SLIDESHOW: Scenes from a demolition in Guatemala, Makati

Photos by Rem Zamora,

Posted at Sep 25 2012 12:00 AM | Updated as of Sep 27 2012 01:53 AM


Residents of Guatemala Compound in Makati City were ready on Monday to fight off a demolition team which arrived early Monday morning of September 24.

Angry residents threw rocks and glass bottles at the members of the team from the Makati City's Engineering Division who were trying to enter the compound to enforce a demolition order against the informal settlers.

Tension between the demolition team and residents eased after anti-riot police decided to retreat due to continuous throwing of rocks and shards of glass by the informal settlers.

A cameraman and a still undetermined number of policemen were injured during the violent confrontation.

Around 250 families living in shanties had rejected a proposal by the local government to relocate to Laguna to give way to a plan by the local government to construct a multi-purpose hall and sports complex in the area.