Young girl survives head injury, tags parents' murderer

by Rose Carmelle Lacuata,

Posted at Jul 19 2014 08:39 PM | Updated as of Jul 20 2014 04:39 AM

MANILA -- A young girl narrated how she survived the ordeal that took her parents' lives.

"Sarah" lived in a secluded part of Tanay, Rizal with her parents and siblings. Her parents made a living out of making charcoal, and was well-loved by their neighbors.

On the evening of April 29, "Sarah" and her parents were the only ones left in their house. Her three other siblings had gone to a relative's house, while her eldest brother lived with his family.

Around midnight, a man entered the family's unlocked front door. Seeing that the man had a weapon with him, "Sarah" pretended to sleep while the man ruthlessly hacked her parents, "Crisanto" and "Angelita".

The girl recalled hearing her parents moan in pain while the man hacked them. Not content on hurting her parents, the man also hit "Sarah" on the head with a bolo.

Once the man left, "Sarah", ignoring the pain on her face, checked on her parents. Her father, who was still alive at that time, advised her to run and ask for help.

"Sarah" had to run for half a kilometer before she saw a neighbor, who brought her to the hospital.

While they were on the way to the hospital, they saw his eldest brother, "Ariel", who went to check on their parents back in their house.

Their mother died on the spot, and their father was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

While "Sarah" was recuperating in the hospital, the neighbor who helped her went to the police to report what the girl told him.

Before "Sarah" passed out, she was able to give the name of the person who killed her parents, someone she called "Kuya Jhung-Jhung".

Search for the suspect

As there was only one man named "Jhung-Jhung" in their barangay, it was easy for the police to look for the suspect.

He was identified as Henry Barcelon, alias "Jhung-Jhung". He willingly went with the police, and eventually admitted to his crime.

Barcelon added that he originally intended to kill "Crisanto", but he was forced to kill "Angelita" because she suddenly woke up.

He also decided to hack "Sarah" even though she was "sleeping".

Barcelon was a former employee in the family's charcoal business. He also had a good relationship with "Ariel", playing basketball and spending time together.

However, he allegedly suffered from verbal abuse from "Crisanto", who belittled him and said bad things about him whenever he was drunk.

"Angelita" also allegedly accused Barcelon of stealing their chickens.

Aside from his confession, "Sarah" positively identified Barcelon as the one who killed her parents.

Months after the incident, the family is still waiting for justice.

"Kung tutuusin nga po, kulang pa ang buhay niya, kasi dalawa ang nawala sa amin, tatatluhin nila. Kahit buong angkan nila, kulang pa ang buhay nila. Napakabait ng mga magulang ko, gaganyanin nila. Namatay na lang sana sa sakit, hindi ganyan," Ariel said.

Sarah's wounds may have healed, but she is still suffering from the trauma and the memory of the incident. She is currently undergoing a stress debriefing to help her cope with the incident. -- SOCO, ABS-CBN, July 19, 2014

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