Actor, 11 others hurt in Taguig campaign

From a report by Jasmin Romero, ABS-CBN News

Posted at May 04 2013 06:44 PM | Updated as of May 05 2013 06:12 AM


MANILA (UPDATE) – Taguig mayoralty candidate Rica Tinga could not help but be emotional after 12 of her supporters and fellow candidates were allegedly attacked by the supporters of incumbent Mayor Lani Cayetano.

Tinga said she and her supporters did house-to-house campaigning Saturday morning and decided to go to the city hall to convince government workers to vote for them.

In this video taken by one of her supporters, Tinga and her camp is seen to have attempted to enter the city hall premises.

But they failed to do so after being sent away by members of the Public Order and Safety Office (POSO).

Tinga and her supporters tried to enter again, this time through the gate beside the city hall.

They were stopped again by the POSO members and things got heated up.

Some Tinga supporters raised their arms to do a peace sign but the POSO went straight for the supporters.

“Binubugbog na, mga minors, 17-year-old little girls, tiny girls,” said Tinga.

Among the wounded was a 75-year-old woman who sustained a broken nose.

Actor Ervic Vijandre, who is running for councilor with Tinga, suffered a blow to the head and had 4 stitches.

“Mga Cayetano, akala nila sila lang ang tama, batas lang nila ang umiiral sa Taguig,” said Tinga.

The Cayetano camp now profusely denies the allegations, saying Tinga is just trying to get more sympathies and is desperate to win.

Some of the POSO members too were allegedly injured by Tinga's supporters.

Tinga now calls on the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to place Taguig under its control to prevent incidents like this to happen again, particularly on election day.

Nationalista Party’s counsel Atty. Nino Pasco, meanwhile, said Tinga’s camp are “desperate” and “want to create a scenario which falsely depicts Taguig as a hot spot and therefore should be placed under Comelec control to make it easier for them to cheat and steal the elections from the people.”

Pasco said they will file charges against Tinga’s camp.

“Their act of inducing their people to commit violence is as deplorable as it is pathetic. We will file charges against these people and their irresponsible leaders. They obviously want sympathy. They won't get it because the Taguig electorate are discerning and can see through their charades,” he said in a press statement.