Supermarket guard shoots Ileto grandson


Posted at Apr 27 2012 08:20 PM | Updated as of Apr 28 2012 10:11 AM

MANILA, Philippines - A security guard at Cherry Foodarama in Quezon City shot a grandson of former Defense Secretary Rafael Ileto following a dispute inside the supermarket on Friday, police said.

The victim, Florante Ileto, sustained 2 gunshot wounds in his chest.

He is now in stable condition after he was brought to a nearby hospital.

Initial police investigation showed that Ileto, who was with his wife, had a heated argument with the suspect identified as Jomar Tamayo of the Full Force Security Agency.

Ileto reportedly wanted to deposit a black plastic bag at the supermarket's baggage counter but Tamayo refused to accept it because it allegedly did not have a receipt.

The security guard also allegedly accused the victim of shoplifting.

The two then had a heated argument, with Ileto pushing the guard to the floor.

Ileto punched the guard after the latter got back up, witnesses said.

The guard then shot Ileto twice with his .38 caliber service revolver.

Tamayo later fled the scene.

The black bag that Tamayo wanted to deposit at the baggage counter contained some clothing and DVDs, which had receipts, according to police.

The supermarket management has refused to comment on the incident, which the police was still investigating as of posting time.

The victim's grandfather, Rafael, served as defense secretary in the early years of the Cory Aquino government. He died in 2003. -- Exclusive reports by Henry Omaga Diaz and Jeck Batallones, ABS-CBN News