Boy identifies Dennis Roldan as abductor

Posted at | Updated as of 04/15/08 10:20 AM

The Philippine Star

A Filipino-Chinese boy identified Dennis Roldan and a woman in a hearing Monday as among the people who abducted him three years ago.

According to witnesses who attended the hearing, Kenshi Yu, 6, pointed to Roldan and Rowena San Andres, who were in the courtroom of Judge Rodolfo Bonifacio of Pasig Regional Trial Court Branch 159.

Yu said Roldan’s hair, which used to be black, now has white streaks. He said the former actor and politician changed seats and wore shades, but he still remembered him.

The boy also said he remembers San Andres telling him to step on the clothes they were washing.

Yu’s family reportedly wanted the hearing postponed and have the boy testify via video link since the Pasig City court has this capability.

However, the judge ordered the hearing to push through after talking with the boy in a closed-door meeting.

Roldan was arrested for allegedly kidnapping the boy for ransom, but was able to post bail. San Andres remains in jail. – Non Alquitran