Inspectors find 450 more taxis than what MGE Taxi declared


Posted at Apr 08 2014 05:52 PM | Updated as of Apr 09 2014 01:52 AM

MANILA -- The Quezon City Treasurer's Office inspected the garage of MGE Taxi in Muñoz on Tuesday afternoon after it found out that the company was not paying enough taxes.

According to the declaration submitted by MGE, it only owns 150 taxi units used all over Metro Manila.

However, inspectors found almost 600 taxi units in its garage, not including those units that have already went out on their regular routes.

The city treasurer's office estimated that the company owns around 1,000 taxi units, but it only paid P14,000 annual fixed tax for 2014. This is lower than the required amount of P30,000 that the company should pay for its 150 declared units.

According to the QC Treasurer's Office, MGE should pay P1.4 million in back taxes, excluding penalties and interest amounting to P3 million.

It is also possible that the company misdeclared its total number of units for the past seven years.

The city treasurer's office released a violation notice against MGE. It will also compute all taxes the company failed to pay since 2007.

It said that it is losing about P13 million in local revenues every year due to misdeclaration by public utility vehicle companies.

In an interview with DZMM, Ed Villanueva of the Quezon City Treasurer's Office said that starting today, their office will collect a fixed annual tax from all delivery vans, buses, taxes and jeepneys in the city.

All bus and van companies entering the city should pay P500 per unit, while jeepney and taxi companies should pay P200 per unit every year. -- report from Johnson Manabat, DZMM