Netizens answer: 'Martial Law Baby' or 'EDSA baby'?

by Fidea Encarnacion,

Posted at Feb 25 2014 12:01 PM | Updated as of Feb 25 2014 08:01 PM

MANILA – As the country marks the 28th celebration of the EDSA People Power revolution that sparked a great change in the history of the Filipino people, social media users took a step back to look whether they were a ‘Martial law baby’ or an ‘EDSA baby.’

On Monday, posed on its social media accounts the question: “Were you a Martial Law baby? Or were you born after the downfall of the Marcos regime in 1986 -- an EDSA baby?”

Users responded, sharing their own recollection of the historic moment. Some were there to witness the overthrow of the Marcos government, while some have only heard the story as retold by those older than them.

Those who said they were “Martial Law babies” shared their thoughts.

Rod Ingles said he couldn't comprehend the feeling when Marcos was thrown out of power.

“Martial Law baby--Natatandaan ko nung Grade 1 kami, pinakakanta kami ng Bayan Ko pagkatapos kantahin ang Lupang Hinirang. Iminumulat na pala kami sa masalimuot na kalagayan ng bansa. Ramdam namin sa murang edad na mahirap ang pamumuhay sa panahong yuon. Parang may tanikala na pumipigil sa mga tao pero pagkatapos mapalayas ang diktador, ramdam din ang sigla ng mga tao at para bang panibagong simula.”

Gil Tecson said she is a 'Martial law' baby because she remembered how it was like living during that time.

“I was a martial baby then because I lived in the era where the Marcoses gained control of the country for a number of decades," he said.

Helen Mogan said the EDSA revolution was one of the things that was bound to happen.

“I was a Martial Law baby and I saw history unfolding right before my eyes. Things happen because there are a lot of reasons. EDSA happened because it was bound to happen… to give us freedom," she said.

Teddy Mercado recalled how it was like living during those times. “Martial law baby ka kung nakasakay sa balikat ng tatay mo at nasa harapan kayo ng gate ng Aguinaldo sa tapat ng tangke habang lumilipad ng mababa yung mga jet.

‘Icebug’ (@bingsong08) said that you are a martial law baby if you enjoyed watching Voltes V and loved picking fruits from a neighbor’s backyard.

On the other hand, “EDSA babies” shared how different it is now, and mentioned some mainstream favorites that would show if you really lived in a post-EDSA People Power world.

Sarah Espiritu said she is an EDSA baby because she grew up in the 1990s.

“I am an EDSA baby, born in 1986. batang 90s “

Jay-ar B. Rubianes (@imJBRubianes) said that as an EDSA baby he would remember watching local band APO Hiking Society regularly on a noontime show.

Aila Herbosa (@ailalapalooza) brought some humor into the picture, saying that an EDSA baby would know how to be patient during traffic.