Nazarene devotees crush TV network's service vehicle

By Ivy Jean Vibar,

Posted at Jan 09 2013 06:23 PM | Updated as of Jan 10 2013 02:23 AM

MANILA, Philippines – It is undeniable that the mass of Black Nazarene devotees moving through the streets of Manila is an unstoppable crowd, and unless measures are taken, people can get hurt.

One casualty of the procession was, luckily, not a person, but the crew cab of a television network. A photo tweeted by ABS-CBN reporter Pia Gutierrez showed that TV5’s crew cab sustained a caved-in roof and a flattened hood.

Binuhat, inapakan, tinuntungan: TV5 crewcab becomes a casualty of the Black Nazarene procession --

According to Gutierrez, nobody was in the vehicle when devotees swarmed over it.

“Mali lang talaga yung pinagparkingan, mismong dinaanan ng prusisyon,” she said.

Nikolo Baua of ABS-CBN News posted a photo of the crowd stepping on the vehicle.

“You can’t see it now, but this crowd is stepping on the news crew cab of TV5 which parked along the procession route,” he said.

You cant see it now, but this crowd is stepping on the news crewcab of TV5 which parked along the procession route --

According to Dennis Datu of DZMM, a reporter from TV5 also lost valuables during the procession.

Journalists from broadcast (radio and television) news oufits, as well as online and print publications are covering the annual Feast of the Black Nazarene, one of the most important religious events in the Philippines.

The feast draws millions of devotees from all over the country. It is believed that the dark-skinned image of Christ can cure illness and bring luck. In order to get blessings, devotees attempt to touch the image, or have articles of clothing or handkerchiefs come into contact with it.