Gun control laws being enforced - Palace

Posted at | Updated as of 12/18/12 4:20 PM

MANILA, Philippines - The Palace said the Philippine National Police (PNP) continues to monitor the use of unlicensed firearms and licenses that have not been renewed especially as election season is coming up.

"We have tightened our regulation of guns and so we expect the PNP will continue to monitor unlicensed guns, licenses that have not been renewed. That's our policy from the very start," Lacierda said.

In the wake of the Connecticut school shooting, Lacierda assured that government has taken steps to secure school zones in the form of more police visibility.

"We can assure you we have safeguards and security measures. This is very evident not only in our schools (but) in our malls as well," Lacierda said.

He added that the PNP is "strictly" enforcing the country's gun contol laws.