Lawmaker eyes mortuary leave for employees


Posted at Nov 12 2012 09:56 AM | Updated as of Nov 12 2012 09:59 PM

MANILA, Philippines – A lawmaker is seeking the passage of a bill that would grant a 14-day mortuary leave with full compensation to public and private sector employees when a member of their immediate family passes away.

“By tradition, we always find a way to be with our families when a loved one passes away even if it means incurring absences from work,” said Deputy Speaker Pablo P. Garcia said.

Garcia is confident that House Bill 3762, which has been pending with the Committee on Labor and Employment since December 2010, will still be passed.

“I am confident the 15th Congress could still give due course to this legislative initiative before our term ends next year,” the Cebu lawmaker said, adding that “this would enhance social responsibility on the part of employers,” he said.

The bill grants a mortuary leave of 14 days with full compensation to employees of the private and public sectors in the event of death of a parent, child, spouse or sibling to enable them to mourn with their families.

“Employees need enough time to recover after the agonizing responsibility of attending to the embalming, wake and burial of the departed family member,” Garcia added.

The measure also provides that any employee may avail of the leave for a maximum of four times during the duration of his employment. The Secretary of Labor and Employment and the chairperson of the Civil Service Commission shall issue the needed rules and regulations for the proper implementation of the proposed statute.

Violations of the proposed Act shall be penalized by a fine not exceeding P25,000 or imprisonment of not less than 30 days not ore than six months, at the discretion of the court.

“In times of joy and sorrow, we have our families to count on. We celebrate together every happy occasion and we stick together during difficult times, especially in the event of death of a family member,” the author said.