Bishop warns vs fake priests


Posted at Oct 31 2012 09:09 AM | Updated as of Oct 31 2012 09:57 PM

MANILA, Philippines - A Catholic bishop on Tuesday warned the public against "fake priests" who bless tombs in exchange for a donation.

Bishop Leonardo Medroso of Tagbilaran said that with the increasing need for Church services during All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day, some people dress up as priests and roam cemeteries to get money in exchange for their services.

"Don’t be deceived by people who immediately present themselves to bless the grave pretending that they are priests… unless of course if you know them," Medroso told CBCPNews.

He said offering prayers and blessings for the dead should not be used as means to earn money.

To make sure a person is truly a priest, the prelate said the public should ask the person to show his “celebret” that would allow him to administer the sacraments.

A “celebret” is a testimonial given to a priest when traveling that he is in good standing, with the accompanying request that he be permitted to hold Mass and other sacraments. Report by CBCPNews