RP fares poorly in Corruption Index


Posted at Oct 27 2010 12:16 PM | Updated as of Oct 27 2010 08:16 PM

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippines continues to fare poorly in Transparency International’s (TI) annual Corruption Perception Index (CPI), ranking 134th among 178 countries surveyed.

Data from Transparency International showed the country’s score of 2.4 is still the same compared with  2009, when it ranked 139th overall.

The new ranking, however, is still below the performance of the Philippines in 2007 when it was ranked 131st with a score of 2.5.

Transparency International said the 2010 CPI showed nearly three quarters of the 178 countries in the index scored below five, on a scale from 0, which is perceived to be highly corrupt, to 10, with low levels of corruption.

“These results signal that significantly greater efforts must go into strengthening governance across the globe. With the livelihoods of so many at stake, governments’ commitments to anticorruption, transparency and accountability must speak through their actions. Good governance is an essential part of the solution to the global policy challenges governments face today,” Transparency International chairman Huguette Labelle said in a statement.

Transparency International said to fully address these challenges, governments need to integrate anticorruption measures in all aspects of development. This includes responses to the financial crisis and climate change to commitments by the international community to eradicate poverty.

For this reason, TI said, there needs to be a stricter implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption, the only global initiative that provides a framework for putting an end to corruption.

”Allowing corruption to continue is unacceptable; too many poor and vulnerable people continue to suffer its consequences around the world. We need to see more enforcement of existing rules and laws. There should be nowhere to hide for the corrupt or their money,” Labelle said.

TI said unstable governments that often had a legacy of conflict, continued to dominate the bottom rungs of the CPI. Afghanistan and Myanmar share second to the last place with a score of 1.4, and Somalia came in last with a score of 1.1.