Llamas sacks staff involved in traffic mishap


Posted at Oct 09 2011 05:40 PM | Updated as of Oct 10 2011 07:04 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Presidential Political Adviser Ronald Llamas has sacked two of his staff members, who failed to secure his firearm before this was discovered by police during a traffic accident.

In a statement, the Office of the Political Adviser confirmed that the 2 occupants of the sports utility vehicle that rammed into a truck on Friday belong to its administrative and support staff. They are Joey Valderama Tecson and John Brilliant Alarcon.
The 2 were supposedly instructed to use the vehicle to go to Llamas’ house and ensure that it was secure in his absence. Llamas is still in Switzerland and was not around when the incident happened.
Without authorization, the 2 used the vehicle for their own personal purposes, the OPA said.
After the accident, police and members of the media discovered a firearm inside the SUV.
The OPA said it is duly-registered. Nonetheless, Llamas had given explicit instructions that the firearm be unloaded from the vehicle and safely secured but the 2 failed to comply, it added.
Security detail immediately went to the scene to secure the contents of the vehicle.
Tecson, who drove the car that day, was also brought to the police station.
The OPA said it “deeply regrets this unfortunate incident and has already initiated the process to effect the immediate dismissal from the service of these two staff members.”
“The OPA is also extending full cooperation to the ongoing police investigation, and fully supports any legal and judicial processes that may arise as a result of this incident,” it added.
The OPA also stressed, “there has been no attempt by anyone to withhold information about the incident, either from the police, media, or the public, or to allow those found responsible to escape culpability for their actions.”