JV: Maturity killed rivalry with Jinggoy

Report by Mario Dumaual, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 08 2012 06:53 PM | Updated as of Oct 09 2012 02:53 AM

MANILA, Philippines – San Juan Rep. Joseph Victor Ejercito, son of former President Joseph Estrada, said his rivalry with his half-brother, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, is no longer a big issue.

Ejercito said his relationship with Jinggoy has improved through the years because they have both matured.

He said their animosity started in childhood when people would compare their looks. He said some people would ask them “Kung sino ang mas guapo (Who was more handsome)."

The conflict escalated when Ejercito took over the helm of San Juan as mayor after Jinggoy's term.

Ejercito said they became vulnerable to the intrigues sowed by their separate sets of followers.

The congressman said contentious issues remain between the brothers, particularly their conflict in choosing common candidates in San Juan. He insisted, however, that they respect each other's opinions.

Dynasty up to voters

Ejercito debunked the political dynasty issue against his family since he could be joining his half-brother, Jinggoy, in the Senate.

He told entertainment reporters that it is up to the voters if they want him in the Senate.

He also said his family's record of public service can stand up to public scrutiny.

Ejercito’s father, former president Joseph Estrada, is running for mayor of Manila.

His cousin, ER Ejercito, is re-electionist Laguna governor while 2 other cousins are also running as board members of the province.

Jinggoy's daughter Janelle is likewise running for councilor in San Juan, the Estrada family's bastion for the last 40 years.

JV's mother, Guia Gomez, is also re-electionist mayor of San Juan.

Conditional support for cybercrime law

Ejercito also expressed his conditional support for the cybercrime law as a deterrent to abuse of social media.

He said the provision on online libel needs to be reviewed.

The congressman also took exception to the Commission on Elections' call for all candidates and networks to be prudent about their media exposure.

“Candidates also have to talk about issues, if needed,” he said.

If elected to the Senate, JV said he will work on youth development as well as laws that will preserve and help the movie industry as a showcase of the country's cultural values.