User-generated videos capture Ondoy's fury


Posted at Sep 27 2009 01:11 AM | Updated as of Sep 28 2009 11:47 PM

MANILA - Online social networks and video-sharing websites were abuzz with activity on Saturday as enterprising Filipinos took photos and videos of the devastation wrought by tropical storm Ondoy (international codename Ketsana) and posted them on the Internet.

Popular video-sharing website hosted some of the videos, which showed massive flooding in parts of Metro Manila.

One video posted by INITIATE360 showed how Marikina River is destroying houses near the embankment with more than 20 people sitting on top of their houses while waiting for rescuers. 

"I just got back from the river's edge five minutes ago. A 10-15 feet height differential between the Marikina River and the embankment has now been reduced to the point that water is splashing against the high-rises of Eastwood, Metro Manila," he said in describing the video.

He said a security guard even described seeing a woman with a two-year-old infant being swept in the middle of the river while waving for help. "There was nothing we could do - she had passed though within 5 seconds. We've been seeing other people washed away," he quoted the security guard as saying.

One video posted by user mimiedejesus showed several vehicles submerged in floodwater in Katipunan, with one van going completely under water as it sank in what appeared to be an excavation site.


Another video posted by mykepimentel showed scores of stranded commuters wading through waist-deep floods on Congressional Road.

This video, posted by honeyval121282, showed a man trying pull his pedicab across the flood.

Finally, a video posted by goshigi, shows flooding on Pasong Tamo in front of Don Bosco Makati. It also shows people pushing a taxi through knee-deep floods.