Roxas: Political will can stamp out jueteng


Posted at Sep 19 2012 12:13 PM | Updated as of Sep 19 2012 11:59 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Newly-appointed Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas on Wednesday said he believes jueteng can be eliminated if there is political will.

Speaking before the Commission on Appointments (CA), Roxas said jueteng is difficult to eliminate especially since it can only flourish if there is collusion between the gambling syndicates and local officials.

“[Jueteng] is difficult to eliminate, however, there are notable, anecdotal and empirical evidences that if there is political will, jueteng can be eliminated and eradicated. That is the political will necessary to stamp out the scourge of jueteng and it must be applied by local officials and police entities in particular communities,” he said.

Roxas started off his CA hearing by giving a definition of “insanity”, which was asked by Sen. Panfilo Lacson.

He paraphrased Albert Einstein’s definition, in which insanity is defined as doing the same thing while expecting a different outcome.

Lacson then asked Roxas what different things he will be doing in the DILG to ensure a different outcome.

The new DILG chief said he will apply a principle in management that will find meaningful interpretations of data already available. He noted that some crimes reported in police blotters are simply docketed without seeing if there are patterns of behavior and criminal activity in a community.

He also cited as example the broken windows theory, which was used to lower the crime rate in New York City