PNoy nixed for belittling impeach raps


Posted at Aug 28 2014 05:22 PM | Updated as of Aug 29 2014 01:22 AM

MANILA - Kabataan Party-list Rep. Terry Ridon slammed President Benigno Aquino III for downplaying the impeachment complaints filed against him.

"First of all, it is apparent that the President did not read the complaints, because if he did, he should have known that the three complaints have been filed by a wide array of complainants coming from all walks of life. The complainants for the second impeachment complaint, for example, are student leaders and campus journalists,” Ridon said in a statement.

Aquino dismissed the complaints, saying they were initiated by “the Left.”

Ridon, who endorsed the impeachment complaints, described Aquino’s statement as cheap and illogical.

"Second, dismissing the complaints just because these were supposedly filed and endorsed by the Left is not a logical argument. It's a cheap and illogical diversionary tactic meant to distract the people from the real issue at hand, which is Aquino's culpable violation of the Constitution," he said.

He said the proper and professional way in dealing with the impeachment complaints is to answer the allegations directly.

"And a word of advice Mr. President: Repeating the line 'DAP is constitutional' or invoking 'good faith' is not a valid answer to the questions raised by the impeachment complaints. By repeating such ill-advised defenses, you're just doing more harm to yourself, Mr. Aquino,” he said.