Trillanes threatened, cursed at witness - Binay

By Ira Pedrasa,

Posted at Aug 27 2014 05:11 PM | Updated as of Aug 28 2014 01:11 AM

MANILA - Vice President Jejomar Binay alleged Senator Antonio Trillanes IV threatened and cursed at a representative of the company that got the contract for the allegedly overpriced Makati office and parking building.

In a press conference, Binay said Trillanes tried to prevent the contractor of the project from testifying during Tuesday’s hearing.

"According to our information, (the contractor) was also maligned and threatened to be included in the plunder charge just because the said contractor’s testimony was not to their favor," he said.

"What is Senator Trillanes afraid of? That the contractor would say the project was not overpriced? That there are other government projects more expensive that Makati’s Building 2? That there are projects that were also divided into phases, including projects of their allies? Is this not preventing the truth to be revealed and a violation of the people’s to hear all sides," he added.

Trillanes initiated the probe against the Binays following a plunder complaint filed by lawyer Renato Bondal at the Office of the Ombudsman.

Binay, who started the project during his term as mayor of Makati, believes the investigation was not in aid of legislation since Trillanes admitted that it was connected to his plans for 2016.

In yesterday’s hearing, former Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado admitted to receiving kickbacks from the project. He said Binay may have received commission as well.

“I was a practicing lawyer. It was obvious that they asked leading questions, even teaching the witnesses how to answer,” Binay said.

He noted Trillanes even promised the former Makati auditor that her name will be removed from the plunder case if she will cooperate. "Is that not bribery?"

Binay said he won’t be shocked anymore if in the next few days, documents meant to link him to corruption will emerge as well.

He added, “I won’t be shocked if someone cries ‘ambush me’ and points to me as the culprit.”