Drilon denies owning Twitter account

By David Dizon, ABS-CBNnews.com

Posted at Aug 23 2012 10:46 AM | Updated as of Aug 23 2012 09:34 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Sen. Franklin Drilon denied Thursday owning a Twitter account that condemned plagiarism in the Senate.

In a statement from his office, Drilon warned the public of "several mischievous accounts in the social networking site, Twitter, bearing my name."

"For the record, I do not own any account in Twitter, nor did I authorize my staff to maintain one for me. I do not use Twitter to communicate and express my thoughts and issue statements. I have other means to do that," he said.

"I ask the public, especially the media, to ignore and treat as fake any statement being issued via Twitter bearing my name, and refrain from using the site to produce story."

The Twitter account Frank Drilon @FrankDrilon on Thursday issued a statement condemning plagiarism after another senator's aide admitted that plagiarism is a common practice in the Senate.

"For some plagiarism is considered an acceptable practice. Not to me, and I hope my colleagues believes the same way," a statement on the Twitter account read.

The Twitter account has a total of 113 followers and 33 tweets since first tweeting last June 13.

Atty. Hector Vilacorta, chief of staff of Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto, earlier said it was common practice among chiefs of staff to repackage unpassed bills in the previous Congress and resubmit them before the Senate.

"Kopyahan po to talaga, eh.  Pag natapos ang isang Congress, lahat ng bill na hindi naipasa, kopyahan. Bakit mo iisipin ulit eh nandyan na? A bill not acted upon dies with a Congress. The new Congress senators will find out what can still be revived. Kopyahan po, pero hindi masamang kopyahan,” he said.

Villacorta said he sees nothing wrong with lawmakers repackaging previously submitted bills, and claiming it as their own.

“The Bible reached us today because the monks copied from the Greeks. Lahat ho talaga nag uumpisa ng konting kopyahan. Edison copyrighted the cinematographic machine so all proceeds sa kanya pero if not copied, we would not have movies today," he said.

Senator Sotto, who is Villacorta's boss, has come under fire for allegedly plagiarizing portions of his anti-Reproductive Health Bill speech from a US blog.

On Wednesday, Sotto said he already gave a “blanket disclosure” that his “turno en contra” speech is not 100% his.

He said he already disclosed that his speech is derived from various research material from the Internet. He said he never claimed ownership of material lifted from Sarah Pope’s blog, which also came from another source.