Junjun Binay: My father will take a bullet for PNoy


Posted at Aug 18 2014 05:19 PM | Updated as of Aug 19 2014 01:19 AM

MANILA - Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin 'Junjun' Binay Jr. said his father may not agree with all of President Benigno Aquino III’s opinions, but he is ready to take a bullet anytime for the president and his entire family.

In an interview with ANC, Binay said: “It was my father who protected them while they were on their way to Club Filipino. During the coup d’etats, it was my father who was with them, willing to stake his life for them. Nothing has changed. He is willing to take a bullet for the Aquino family.”

He said the closeness of the Binays and the Aquinos go way back.

He revealed that he himself was tasked to bring the body of former President Corazon Aquino III out of the Makati Medical Center, where she had been confined for days until her death on August 1, 2009.

“They won’t entrust her body to me if they don’t have faith in us,” he said.

Binay himself was also in the hospital taking care for his sick wife. Kennely Ann Lacia Binay died 10 days after Cory’s death.

Binay said, however, that his father is not a “yes man.” He said the vice president will speak his mind unlike some who will say “yes” but for personal interests.

He cited, for instance, Aquino’s willingness to amend the Constitution, specifically on the provision limiting the term limit of a president.

“The point is, it will not be beneficial to the legacy left by Tita Cory. I’m sure she will not allow this. I’m sure that whatever he said in the interview, he will later on realize he’s not after a second term, but he has seen the flaws in the Constitution and that certain amendments should be done such as the economic provisions,” he said.

He noted the issue was first heard from someone else.

“There was one who said he wants a second term for the president. We’ll just leave it there,” he said.