Former gov't officials: No to term extension for president


Posted at Aug 18 2014 01:30 PM | Updated as of Aug 19 2014 10:45 PM

MANILA - The Former Senior Government Officials (FSGO) urged the administration not to pursue amendments to the Constitution at this time, reminding the President that such announcements in the past have had undesirable consequences.

In a statement, the group led by former Education Undersecretary Isagani Cruz said similar statements in the past were met with negative reactions and criticisms.

“Governance was disrupted, media became unduly adversarial, and the general public was dismayed by fears of dictatorship. Surveys of public opinion all showed disapproval of those moves to extend the term limits of elected officials, either in the executive department or in the legislature,” the FSGO said.

While the general character of the Aquino administration is different from the previous ones, “the public’s distrust of self-serving moves to amend the Constitution remains strong and admirable,” the FSGO added.

“We strongly urge the administration not to pursue any amendments to the Constitution at this time, when genuine reforms have been put in place in the government. We should not lose in two years what we worked so hard to achieve in the last four years,” the FSGO added.

President Aquino admitted that he is open to some amendments to the Constitution.

The Constitution was promulgated in 1987 during the presidency of Aquino’s mother, Cory Aquino. The latter was put in power by a mass uprising that ousted President Ferdinand Marcos from his position that he held for more than two decades.