GMA risks 'sudden death,' has blocked artery: doctor

By RG Cruz, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Aug 13 2012 08:24 AM | Updated as of Aug 14 2012 07:24 AM

MANILA (UPDATED) - Former President Gloria Arroyo now has a blockage in her artery even as she continues to risk “sudden death” due to a displaced titanium plate along her spine, according to one of her doctors.

This opinion is contained in a medical bulletin dated August 11, 2012 signed by Makati Medical Center’s Dr. Roberto Anastacio and released to some media by sources close to the family of the former President.

The same sources also supplied media with 2 plates from her May 2012 diagnosis.

Arroyo checked into the Makati Medical Center (MMC) Monday for a CT Scan Protocol under Anastacio.

Part of the medical bulletin reads:

“It had been three months since I saw her and suggested to repeat her Quantum CT-Scan (Anastacio protocol) to determine any further deterioration of the anterior cervical cage. I HAD reported that the Superior plate is functionally displaced and compressing the periform recess, the laryngical vestibule and muscles along the voice box. The inferior plate (TL) compressing the trachea. The presence of a displaced titanium plate along C2-C3 is a serious factor in the mechanism of breathing and subsequently blood circulation which may lead to sudden death.

"Again, I suggest that we repeat our Quantum CT-Scan to determine the status of the risk and how to address it. I do hope the patient will consider my serious suggestion of re-investigation and second opinion.

"In addition, the former President is suffering from a 4O-30% Coronary Artery Obstruction of her proximal right coronary artery and left descending coronary artery based on Quantum CT-Scan Angiogram (Anastacio protocol).”

Anastacio also thanked doctors from the Veterans Memorial Medical Center, where Arroyo remains under treatment even after her bail from the Pasay Regional Trial Court.
He said:

“I am grateful to all my colleagues from Veterans' Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) especially to the Medical Director, DI. Nona Legaspi and Dr. Martha Nucum. Likewise, Dr. Antonio Sison. When I saw the patient during her last confinement, she was very thin and dehydrated with extreme anxiety after an episode of severe swallowing dysfunction which resulted in an episode of choking (air unable to enter her lungs).

"During her vigorous effort to expel the food, she suffered acute cervical and lumbar strain.

"On further investigation she manifested extreme difficulty of eating and swallowing even water.

"I do agree with Dr. Nucum who decided to continue hydration before any examination be done.”

Arroyo was hospitalized days after her bail after she reportedly choked on a melon.

A source close to the former President expressed belief that the massive calcium dosage to address her spinal rehab may have caused the artery blockage.

“Note also his ending reference to the beginning of a partial obstruction in her coronary arteries. I understand this is because the massive calcium dosage she needed for her spinal rehab also provided the 'matrix' around which this obstruction may have built itself,” the source said.