PNoy: I tried to come up with compromise on RH

By Willard Cheng, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Aug 06 2012 08:47 PM | Updated as of Aug 07 2012 05:27 AM

After taking swipe at Kabayan, PNoy raps another news anchor

MANILA - President Aquino would rather not respond to critics who have called him names due to his support for the passage of the responsible parenthood/reproductive health (RH) bill.

He made the statement during a dialogue in Malacañang with students of PAREF Southridge School, part of an answer to a question from one of the students on how is it like to be President.

President Aquino said that he has tried to find a compromise from divergent points of views, citing the debates on the RH bill as an example.

"As father of the nation, I try to come up with that compromise which is a consensus of all the different factions, come up with something that everybody can live with," Aquino said.

He said that as a politician, he is expected not to be easily piqued by name-calling.

All the stress that he has to bear, he says, manifests in his having episodes of an acidic stomach.

"You will have very strident advocates of either side who will sometimes resort to name-calling that you cannot respond to. Being a politician… hindi ka pwede maasar, hindi ka pwede magalit, hindi ka pwede mapikon, madaming hindi ka pwede. Tapos lahat yan, may lalabasan. In my case, sometimes, I have acidic stomachs. I have an acidic stomach because of all the stress that you cannot leave out," he said.

The President also complained about being criticized no matter what he does. He cited people who criticized him for not including in his State of the Nation a mention about the Freedom of Information bill.

"No matter what you do, you will be criticized. You will rarely be praised," he said.

"There is an industry that seeks to criticize anything and everything I do. Chismis becomes an industry repeated by anonymous people who do not bother to check," he said.

PNoy raps news anchor for not verifying Edu's tweet

He also recalled an instance when a news anchor reported without verifying a tweet by actor Edu Manzano that the President was seen out on a date one afternoon.

The President stressed that he was at that time presiding over a meeting of the NEDA board and that the news organization should have first checked whether the tweet was true.

"It was tweeted by Edu Manzano, picked up by a cable channel-which I won't mention. It took a while for them to check-actually they didn't check. Some people who were here in the meeting heard about it and objected because they knew I was in a meeting. But did we even get an apology? And these are supposed to be responsible people and institutions," he said.

Why he accepted the job

Despite the downsides that come with the job, the President said he takes comfort from the feedback that the people give on how their lives have improved since he assumed office.

He said in jest that also counts the remaining time that he still has to stay in office.

On why accepted the call for him to run as President in 2010, Aquino told the students:

"I saw an opportunity. I could see an opportunity to radically transform this country and see the fruition of the dreams that were epitomized in EDSA. The reverse was: I'm not masochist, I could have said, 'Wait a minute. I opposed the creation of these problems, why should I be the one expect to solve the problems?' But I wouldn't have been able to face myself, let alone the people, if I could have effected certain changes and I chose not to based on personal comfort."