Drilon denies law on savings insults SC


Posted at Aug 05 2014 01:04 PM | Updated as of Aug 05 2014 09:04 PM

MANILA - Senate President Franklin Drilon insists Congress' move to clearly define savings is not an insult to the Supreme Court.

In an interview on ANC's Headstart, Drilon explained it is the legislative body's prerogative to create laws that will clarify the concept of savings in the budget.

President Aquino has ordered both chambers of Congress to draft a resolution that will allow government to declared savings midyear and use them for other projects.

"What the Supreme Court did is to interpret what Congress meant as savings because of the definition of savings under the General Appropriations Act. So we have the prerogative as the policy-making body of government to clearly define by law either through a special law or GAA what we mean exactly by savings," he said.

"It is not an insult. It is part of our system of government," he added.

The issue of "savings" has become a hot topic after the Supreme Court ruled on the unconstitutional acts under the Disbursement Acceleration Program.

The high court specifically struck down Malacanang's practice of declaring savings from unreleased appropriations.

President Aquino now wants a law that would clarify the definition of "savings." He specifically wants to impound "savings" even during the early part of the year.