Hungry families drop to 3.6-M in 2nd quarter: SWS


Posted at Jul 30 2014 10:20 AM | Updated as of Jul 31 2014 02:38 AM

MANILA – An estimated 3.6 million families claimed to have experienced having nothing to eat in the past three months, a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey said.

A June 27-30 survey of 1,200 adults nationwide, results of which were published on BusinessWorld, said 16.3% of the respondents or about 3.6 million households, claimed they had experienced having nothing to eat in the past three months.

The second quarter figure is 1.5 points below the 17.8% (about 3.9 million families) recorded in the first quarter of the year. It is also below last year's annual average of 19.5%, SWS said.

Moderate hunger - experiencing having nothing to eat ''only once'' or a ''few times'' in the last three months - dropped by 1.5 points to 13.5% (3.3 million households).

On the other hand, severe hunger – having nothing to eat ''often'' or ''always'' – remained at 2.8%.

In an earlier report on the same June survey, SWS said 55% of the respondents (estimated 12.1 million households) claimed they were poor, marking a two-point increase from the previous quarter which represents some 11.5 million families.

The number of respondents who said they were poor in terms of food were up by two percentage points to 41% (estimated 9 million families).

SWS said overall hunger dropped by 6.4 points to 21.1% among those who said they were poor, while it rose by 3.2 points to 10.3% among the not poor or on the borderline.

Hunger among the food poor slid by 3.8 points to 27% and 0.8 point to 9.6% among the not food poor.

In Metro Manila, overall hunger rose by 3.3 points to 15.3% (456,000 families). Moderate hunger was up by 3.3 points to 12.3%, while severe hunger remained at 3%.

Overall hunger dropped by 5.3 points to 14.7% (1.4 million families) in Balance Luzon. Moderate hunger also dropped by 5.3 points to 11.7%, while severe hunger stayed at 3%.

In the Visayas, overall hunger slid by two points to 14.7% (617,000 families), moderate hunger by 0.7 to 12% and severe hunger by 1.3 points to 2.7%.

Overall hunger in Mindanao rose by 3.3 points to 21.3% (1.1 million families), with moderate hunger rising by 2.3 points to 19% and severe hunger one point to 2.3%.