Poe says she's now in 'period of discernment'


Posted at Jul 27 2015 05:39 PM | Updated as of Jul 28 2015 02:12 AM


Poe thinks PNoy wants her to run as Mar's VP

MANILA - Senator Grace Poe said on Monday she has yet to arrive at a decision about her 2016 plans, adding she is now in a "period of discernment."

''Right now I'm still in a period of discernment. There are a lot of things to consider. The decisions I make will not only affect a few people but the country,'' she told the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC).

Even though she has yet to officially sell herself as the successor of President Aquino, Poe said she is qualified for the post.

''In an executive post in the MTRCB (Movie and Television Review and Classification Board), although short, we rolled out a lot of reforms and achievements, fiscally and etc,'' she said.

''In the legislative branch, we passed the FOI (Freedom of Information) bill. There's a lot of work that I've involved myself in. Nobody is ever really prepared for the presidency."

Poe said she is ready to face questions on her residency and citizenship, which are so far the only issues being hurled at her by her critics aside from her supposed lack of experience in governance.

She said the public must not forget that these issues are not as serious as corruption.

''I've always been truthful to our countrymen about my residency, citizenship, and about my work. Kung walang tinatago eh wala naman kinakatakot kaya lang po minsan nakakasakit ng loob,'' she said.


Meantime, Poe said she thinks President Benigno Aquino III wants her to run as vice-president of Interior Secretary Mar Roxas.

Poe said President Aquino never asked her in their meetings to slide down for Roxas, the presumptive standard bearer of the Liberal Party (LP).

She said what the president made clear is that he wants to keep the administration coalition intact.

''Basically, what they are saying is hopefully there will be a coalition - or not a coalition - but that we will be in the same team,'' Poe said.

However, she believes that the purpose of the meetings was to get her to slide down for Roxas.

''I think it's pretty clear that Secertary Mar wants to run for the presidency so the talks we've had is perhaps to (convince me) to be a part of that (team), that if I decide to join the team (I) would probably be his vice-president,'' she said.

Aquino, Roxas, Poe, and the latter's close ally, Sen. Francis Escudero, failed to reach a consensus during their last dinner meeting.

Poe currently leads major pre-election surveys, overtaking erstwhile front-runner Vice President Jejomar Binay.

LP members rooting for a Roxas candidacy believe that Poe running as his vice-president would help him rise in the surveys, apart from the fact that a strong contender for president will be eliminated.

The ruling party, however, has so far failed to put Roxas and Poe into a single ticket, with the latter preferring to run as independent candidate, alongside Escudero, also an independent.

Analysts say that a failure of the administration to present a single tandem will benefit Binay, so far the lone opposition candidate who is beset by allegations of corruption.