PNP: Enrile needs to be in hospital


Posted at Jul 10 2014 07:37 PM | Updated as of Jul 11 2014 03:37 AM

MANILA - The Philippine National Police (PNP) General Hospital said Senator Juan Ponce Enrile needs to remain in the hospital because of his uncontrolled hypertension.

“If we transfer him to somewhere not good enough nor appropriate for his age, we will have a bigger problem,” PNP Health Service Director Chief Supt. Alejandro Advincula said.

He said they have decided to limit the number of people visiting Enrile to control his hypertension.

Enrile’s blood pressure climbed to 200/90 anew as a result of the number of people coming to visit.

“This was why we decided to control those entering his room to at least two persons. But we also ask him if he is okay with entertaining guests,” Advincula said.

He said if Enrile’s hypertension remains unchecked, there is a possibility of stroke or death.

Enrile takes at least 20 medicines a day to manage his hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol, among others, he said.
“He has chronic hypertension, which is why he has episodes of weakness,” an attending doctor said.

Despite all these, Enrile remains to be in high spirits, with no risk of him getting depressed, he added. For now, the hospital is taking care of his medical needs.

Members of a Philippine General Hospital (PGH) team were there on Thursday morning to comply with a Sandiganbayan ruling.

Enrile is seeking hospital arrest. There are no recommendations yet on this request.

“Except his eye doctor, who said he will be needing another treatment on July 12,” he said.

Enrile pays for his own medicines.

Advincula also believes Enrile’s PhilHealth membership covers his hospitalization bills.