Binay warns of high-tech poll fraud plans in 2016


Posted at Jun 29 2014 04:50 PM | Updated as of Jun 30 2014 12:50 AM

MANILA - Vice President Jejomar Binay said he has received "disturbing" reports of high-tech cheating in the 2016 presidential elections.

“Disturbing reports have reached us about the possible high-tech tampering to favor certain candidates, especially for high offices in 2016,” Binay said during the joint convention of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Western and Eastern Visayas in Iloilo.

He also repeated the warning before Rotary Governors in Manila.

If true, it would prove as an attack on people’s sovereign power to choose their own leader, he said.

Binay has been vocal of his plans to run for president and recent surveys show he would win the presidential elections if these were to be held now.

He called on the two groups to ensure honest and clean elections in 2016.

“As early as now, the seeds of advocacy for fair and honest elections in 2016 must be sown and nurtured in order to defend our people’s sovereign will. I hope the IBP will pick up the gauntlet and be among the vigilant guardians of a clean electoral process less than two years hence,” he said.

He also invited the groups to join the movement for national discipline called Kilos Kaayusan this August.

“As professional advocates sworn to defend the Constitution and uphold the laws of the land at all times, we lawyers are in the commanding position to spearhead a dynamic movement to restore kaayusan in our country and persuade our people to observe discipline in their daily lives. For the sake of the nation, this I urge you to consider,” he said.

Meanwhile, Binay urged Rotarians to help in looking for solutions to the country’s woes during the joint induction ceremonies of the Philippine College of Rotary Governors and the Philippine Rotary Magazine Foundation, Inc.

"As quick as we are to decry the void in law and order, we must be even quicker to fill that gap with solutions. As one organization, Rotary is capable of unleashing fresh winds of hope across the land and inspiring people to remain engaged in nation building. I am counting on the new officers of the Philippine College of Rotary Governors as well as each and every Rotarian to rise to this ambitious challenge and lead the way," Binay said.

"This road will not be easy but it will not be lonely. In certain parts of the country, community-based activities have been organized to respond to the challenge of restoring order to society and government," he added.